Neighboring east of Santa Barbara, Montecito’s eight square miles are rich with extravagant homes, luxury compounds, and private estates. Wealthy families and individuals—including a plethora of mega-superstars like long-time resident Oprah Winfrey—call this coastline sanctuary home. Incorporated into the oak-and eucalyptus-filled foothills of the Santa Ynez mountains (Montecito means “little mountain” in Spanish), the tranquil town boasts numerous first-class resorts, top notch schools, elite country clubs, and a collection of premium quality shops, cafés and restaurants.



A more seasoned, prosperous bunch of CEOs, business visionaries, and Hollywood stars are attracted to the neighborhood’s privacy and beauty.


An elite locale of low-key luxury without pretension, lined with quiet streets and gated estates.


The locals mix along sea shores and two central avenues, and it’s an unspoken rule that no one makes a fuss if a famous face is spotted.


There's a lot of spots to see and be seen, from the Miramar’s ocean view bar to the popular Butterfly beach.


Considered the crown jewel of Santa Barbara County land, even tear-downs go for millions.


Sunny days, sea breezes, wonderful landscape, and the charming day by day quest for the good life.


Pricy, Celebrity Residents, Quiet, Privacy, Mansions, Luxury, Shopping, Restaurants, Beach Access

Drive Times

Summerland 7m by vehicle
Downtown Santa Barbara 10m by vehicle
The Mesa 12m by vehicle


East to West Ortega Ridge Road and Ladera Lane to Olive Mill Road
North to South East Camino Cielo Road to the Pacific Ocean
Close by Neighborhoods Summerland, Riviera, Downtown Santa Barbara


A pocket of extravagance located between the gorgeous Santa Ynez mountains and a portion of California's most supreme coastline.
Its name has been affixed with affluence, yet this peaceful ocean side town isn't at all about the hype and hoopla its Tinseltown neighbor 90 miles south (and truth be told, a few residents escape from Los Angeles to Montecito for exactly that reason). A town that conveniently pushes the limit among woodsy and polished, the neighborhood makes careful arrangements to stay semi-rural on account of the dynamic Montecito Association, which has been entrusted since 1948 with keeping up its tasteful magnificence. Individuals have been attracted to the area's mild climate and natural charisma since the early 1900s, when nearby Santa Barbara was in her yesteryear as a nationally famous health resort.

What To Expect:

Considered the crown jewel of Santa Barbara County land, even teardowns go for millions.
Montecito might be home to the well off, however it's not at all uppity, hoity-toity, or gaudy. Residential roads are lushly tree-lined, home entrances hidden, and the main streets' bars, cafés, and shops keep an easygoing, chill-lax vibe.

The Lifestyle:

The locals hang out along the beaches and two central streets. It’s an unspoken local code of conduct that no one makes a big deal if someone famous is spotted.
Montecito residents welcome the day over french toast at Jeannine’s, a neighborhood staple known for its casually elegant breakfast scene, then meander the main lanes of Coast Village Road and the Upper Village to shop at stores and cafes like Wendy Foster and Pierre Lafond, visit at Butterfly or Miramar Beach come early afternoon, at that point wrap up their nights with a mixed drink on the patio of the Honor Bar.


There's a lot of spots to see and be seen, from the Biltmore's ocean view bar to the popular Butterfly beach.
Locals take advantage of the recognized Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel's Bella Vista restaurant—which has an amazing Sunday brunch—and may even enjoy membership to the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club across the road. Open air patio seats at either are key for people-watching while sipping on something refreshing and fruity.

The Market:

Considered the crown jewel of Santa Barbara County real estate, even tear-downs go for

Though gates and greenery keep most Montecito homes are neatly tucked away, these pastoral slopes hold wonders. The earliest homes were designed by praised names in architecture (including Frank Lloyd Wright and George Washington Smith) have built everything from English tudors, Normandy castle, Italian palazzos, Mediterranean villas, Cape Cod Colonials, and marble royal residences. In addition to these sprawling estates, there's likewise a group of gated communities, high-end condos, and even charming cottages—some of which were once staff lodging for the region’s chateaus.

You'll Fall In Love With:

Sunny days, waves gently crashing on the shore, gorgeous ocean views, and the charming day by day quest for the good life.
With a vicinity to some of Santa Barbara's most sublime beaches, access to winding hiking trails that lead into the Santa Ynez mountains from the north, in addition to a variety of sporting clubs, unique boutiques, and quaint eateries, Montecito has every one of the advantages of a vacation escape with all the appeal of home sweet home.

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